The Ontario Archaeological Society is a registered charitable organization that promotes the ethical practice of archaeology.

Ontario's historic and prehistoric resources are continually being destroyed by urban, commercial and industrial development.

The general public, students and professional alike are encouraged to become members of the Society and to support its co-ordinating role in helping to record and preserve our non-renewable cultural heritage.


  • To bring together individuals interested in the practice, promotion and advancement of archaeology, particularly in the province of Ontario.

  • To encourage and assist every effort, both individual and collective, which tends to foster, elevate and advance archaeology in the fields of learning and culture.

  • To discourage illegal archaeological investigation and excavation.

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information, and to encourage co-operation among all those interested in the study of archaeology.

  • To publish archaeological literature and site reports.

  • To stimulate the interest of the general public in archaeology.



(photo: unknown passerby)

front row-left to right: Sheryl Smith, Lindsay Foreman, Chris Dalton, Dana Millson
back row-left to right: Jim Montgomery, Grant Karcich, Nicole Brandon, Rob MacDonald, Lorie Harris, Bill Fox, Peter Popkin
Absent: Claire van Nierop, Neal Ferris

President: Rob MacDonald
Vice-President: Sheryl Smith
Past President: Neal Ferris
Treasurer: Jim Montgomery
Director of Member Services: Lindsay Foreman
Director of Membership: Dana Millson
Director of Chapter Services: Chris Dalton
Director of Heritage Advocacy: Peter Popkin
Director of Public Outreach: Claire van Nierop
Director of Avocational Services: Bill Fox
Director of Student Services: Nicole Brandon
Director of Publications: Grant Karcich
Executive Director: Lorie Harris

Click here to read the 2013 Annual OAS Board of Directors Report


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