(Chapter members must be OAS members)

President: John MacDonald
Vice-President: Bonnie Glencross
Treasurer: Kathryn McLeod
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm., at the "rare Eco Centre" at 768 Blair Rd, Cambridge
Website: OAS Grand River Chapter

President: Dr. Gary Warrick
Vice-President: Jacqueline Fisher
Treasurer: Ruth MacDougall
Events Coordinator: Meagan Brooks
Newsletter: The Heights
Editor: Brad Bandow
Phone:(866) 243-7028
Mailing Address: c/o Dr. Gary Warrick, Laurier Brantford, 73 George St. Brantford ON N3T 2Y3
WEB:  Hamilton Chapter WEB Site
Meetings: at the Fieldcote Museum, 64 Sulphur Springs Road, Ancaster
Dates/Times: 3rd Thursday of every month September to May inclusive 7 p.m.
Membership: Individual $11, Family $18

President: John Raynor
Vice-President: Jamie Hunter
Secretary: Marg Raynor
Treasurer: Kristin Thor
Newsletter: The Pot
Editor: William Gibson
Mailing Address: Huronia Ontario Archaeological Society, PO Box 82, Station Main, Midland, Ontario L4R 4P4
WEB: Huronia Chapter WEB site
Meetings: The Huronia Museum. 549 Little Lake Park Rd. Midland, Ontario
Dates/Times: 2nd Wednesday of the month, Sept to May
Membership: Individual $15, Family $18

President: Nancy Van Sas
Vice President: Darcy Fallon
Treasurer: Jim Keron
Newsletter: KEWA
Editors: Christine Dodd, Chris Ellis and Chris Watts
Directors: Chris Ellis, Chris Watts, Darryl Dann
Phone: (519) 473-1360 Fax: (519) 473-1363
Mailing Address: Museum of Ontario Archaeology, 1600 Attawandaron Rd., London, Ontario N6G 3M6
WEB:  London Chapter WEB Site
Meetings: at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.
Dates/Times: 8 pm on the second Thursday of the month except May to August
Membership: Individual and Family $18, Student $15, Institutional $21

President: André Miller
Vice President: Stacey Girling-Christie
Treasurer: Bill MacLennan
Secretary: Karen Lochhead
Director of Public Archaeology: Rory MacKay
Directors at large: Bradley Drouin, Elizabeth Imrie, Ben Mortimer
Past President: Glenna Roberts
Webmaster: Yvon Riendeau
PAPA award administrator: Lois King
Newsletter: The Ottawa Archaeologist
Editor: Marian Clark
Mailing Address: Box 4939 Station E, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5J1
WEB:  Ottawa Chapter WEB Site
Meetings: at the Routhier Community Centre, 172 Guigues Street, Ottawa (in the Market).
Dates/Times: Every third Thursday of the month, from September to May,
Membership: Individual $20, Family $25, Student $12

President: Tom Mohr
Vice-President: William Fox
Treasurer: Harry Johnson
Secretary: Dirk Verhulst
Directors: Morgan Tamplin, Julie Kapyrka, Deb Mohr, Pat Asling
Newsletter: Strata
Editor: Dirk Verhulst
Director of Indigenous Community Liaison: Michael D. White
Meetings: 7 pm, 4th Tuesday of the month, St. Paul�s Presbyterian Church, 120 Murray St., Peterborough
WEB:  Peterborough Chapter WEB Site
Membership: Individual $12, Family $15, Student $8

President: Clarence Surette
Vice President: Bill Ross
Secretary: Tasha Hodgson
Treasurer: Tasha Hodgson
Director: Jill Taylor-Hollings
WEB:  Thunder Bay Chapter WEB Site
Newsletter Writer (Wanikan): Clarence Surette (primary) � assistance from other executive members
Newsletter Editor (Wanikan): Jason Stephenson
Web Designer/Photographer: Chris McEvoy
Event Volunteers: Cory Vickruck, Jacquie Berry, Daniel Szot
Meetings: in Room BB0017, Braun Building, Lakehead University
Dates/Times: 7 pm on the last Friday of the month except May-August
Membership: $5

President: Marti Latta
Vice President: Penny Young
Past President: Vacant (note that this is a new position for 2010)
Treasurer: Jane Simser
Secretary: Mima Kapches

Newsletter: PROFILE

Editor: Carole Stimmell
WEB:  Toronto Chapter WEB Site
Mailing Address: Toronto's First Post Office, 260 Adelaide St. E. Box 48, Toronto, Ont. M5A 1N1
Meetings: UoT, Anthropology Bldg., 19 Russell Street (at Huron), Room 246
MAP  Look for the "PA" over the building diagram.
Dates/Times:7.30 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, except June-August
Membership: Individual $12, Family $12

President: Amanda Black
Past President: Rosemarie Denunzio
Secretary: Barbara Johnson
Treasurer: Bob Drago
Newsletter Editor: Bethany Findlay
WEB:  Windsor Chapter WEB Site
Membership: Individual $15, Family $20, Students $5